Distinguished Scholars of Canada

World Reach

Getting into the policy and financial hearts of each country gives Fellows a view of the political and professional landscape that cannot be repllicated in a university environment

Each city has something unique to offer. Being in either of Canada's or the United States of America's capital gives you a first hand view of the world of public policy; Toronto, being the country's financial heart, gives a first hand view of the private sector in a way no other city in Canada can.

How We Pick Our Hosts

Our networks, both sides of the border, are a key ingredient to our success. By leveraging our vast networks, we are able to place our Fellows into positions and organizations that will give them immediate benefit.

By having a fellowship at a high-profile position, the Distinguished Scholars of Canada has immediate access to see decision-making and leadership situations in real-time. And in order to maintain and enhance our network, Distinguished Scholars of Canada graduates are expected to give back to the program ensuring its long-term success, visibility, and sustainability.

Moreover, our working relationship with the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program gives us access into these influential and world-class hosts so Fellows develop the necessary skills to "get the job done" in the future endeavours.