Distinguished Scholars of Canada

Editor's Message

By George Platsis

When I first met Reagan Cook in Washington, DC earlier this fall, I knew he would represent Canada well.  A few weeks later, I was very impressed to hear that his supervisor, Lt Col Doug Martin share the sentiments:

"George -- Reagan is doing a remarkable job -- not only does he do assigned tasks with enthusiam and great quality, he seeks out extra tasks using his excellent sense of initiative. Definitely "Scholar" material."

Reagan, congratulations!  You have served your country proudly and represented all us Canadians in the best of fashions during your tenure at the Canadian Embassy in DC.  As the Vice-Chairman of the Distiguished Scholars of Canada Foundation, I am pleased to let you know that you are officially a Distinguished Scholar of Canada.  Well done!

Moving on, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new candidate for the DSC designation, William Simmons.  William, like Reagan, is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and will be at the Canadian Embassy in DC for the winter semester.  My early communications with him have been nothing but fantastic and he has much to live up to after Reagan's fine work.

In closing, the Distinguished Scholars of Canada program is moving along, growing and expanding, much as we had wished and planned for.  With the assistance and support of the Admiral James J. Carey Foundation and the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program, we are making bigger and better moves to improve Canada-US relations for generations to come.  Congratulations Reagan and best of luck William!




Issue # 2 | December 2011

By Rear Admiral James J. Carey

Friends of Canada & the USA:

I am indeed pleased to be able to again congratulate the Distinguished Scholars of Canada as they continue to move forward in building their program of leadership training fellowships for top scholars and involving them in helping to enlarge the interaction of the next generation in national public policy work between Canada and the USA.  I'd also like to publicly thank LTCOL Doug Martin of the Canadian Embassy for the key role he has played in helping to nurture this program and hosting Distinguished Canadian Scholar 2nd LT Reagan Cook on his staff at the Canadian Embassy.  This has truly been an exceptional experience for Reagan as well as a tremendous opportunity to build upon the ever-stronger relationship between the USA and Canada.

Distinguished Scholars of Canada is now a program to be reckoned with and is now solidly established in Toronto under the leadership of LTCOL Walter Perchal as Chairman and George Platsis [an Admiral Carey Foundation Washington Scholars Graduate] as Executive Director.  And as is outlined in their newsletter below, they have already chosen another Canadian Army 2nd LT to carry on this program at the Canadian Embassy beginning in January 2012.  The Admiral Carey Foundation is pleased to be able to lend our strong support and funding to these efforts in support of the fine future leaders of Canada, which are designed to build ever stronger bonds between our two nations as we involve these young Canadian and American men and women at an early age, providing them with a strong USA-Canada network that will serve them well in their future careers for the next 50 years.

WELL DONE, Canada, and VERY WELL DONE, Distinguished Scholars of Canada.

Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey, Chairman
The Rear Admiral James J. Carey Foundation, Inc.

LCol Doug Martin with Reagan Cook
On the roof of the Canadian Embassy

Admiral James Carey with Maj Michael Wiesenfeld, LCol Walter Perchal (Chairman of the Distinguished Scholars of Canada Foundation), and LCol Paul Brunberg
At the Capitol Hill Club